How to Cook the Perfect Roast – Every time!

Everyone needs to know how to cook a roast to perfection - EVERY TIME - with their eyes closed.  Here's a very basic recipe and I've included some of the steps people usually leave out and why it's not a good idea to do so. If you've ever had a roast turn out tough or...

Beef Short Rib Ragù

Beef Short Rib Ragu This sauce is a game changer: it’s so easy to make, yet it’s so impressive, your friends will think you’ve seriously upped your cooking game when they eat it. Serve over wide pasta ribbons or creamy mashed...

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MINI-MEATBALLS IN ROASTED RED PEPPER SAUCE 2 lb Grass Fed Ground Beef1 cup Soft bread crumbs2 whole Eggs.25 cup Finely chopped onion2 whole Garlic cloves (crushed )1 dash salt and pepper (or to taste )Roasted Red Pepper Sauce1 tbs olive oil1 medium onion (finely...

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BEEF – Pot Roast

Pot Roast 2 tbs olive oil3 medium onions2 whole Carrots8 medium Garilc colves (minced ).25 cup Tomato paste.75 cup red wine1.28 oz can of crushed tomatoes5.5 lbs Of chuck or arm raost.75 cup Chicken stock (low sodium )6 tbs Minute tapioca1/3 cup Soy sauce1 tbs thyme...

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BEEF – Slow Roasted Beef

Slow Roasted Beef 1 whole Sirloin, Rolled rump or round (around 3 lbs)1 pinch Salt and pepper (or to taste )1 tbs Olive oil ( ) It you have time, thaw the roast and set it on a rack over a plate in the fridge for 3 days. Trim away any leathery, dry bits. This gives...

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