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All prices are per package unless otherwise noted. Select your items and place your order. You should immediately receive an automated order confirmation email which lets you know that your order was placed correctly. Some weights may vary on steaks and roasts.

Order pick-up locations include the Bowling Green Community Farmers Market, the Franklin Farmers Market, and the Friends House in Nashville. Click Here to view delivery location details and maps.


Coronavirus UPDATE

To order to keep contact with others at a minimum we’re implementing a new payment system.  Due to the nature of weighed items, it’s impossible to list each item separately with a unique price so now, when you place an order you will receive a confirmation letter and we will pack your order.  You’ll then receive an invoice which you can pay online.  Your order will be taken to your drop off or farmer’s market where you’ll find coolers set up with paper bags with your name and order listed.

We will still be set up at farmer’s markets for on-the-spot orders but pre-ordering will help to keep the lines to a minimum.


Thanks so much for your support!