Sustainable Clothing begins with sustainable sheep


We know that when you start a project there’s not even the slightest consideration of heading to your local Walmart for scratchy, cheap machine-produced “yarn” and we take your commitment to purchase sustainable yarn very seriously.


We understand that we’re part of a small group of crafters who long for the days when one or two fabulous sweaters were all that was needed for a lifetime of comfort or that the single stunning shawl hanging on the back of the low hung door was sufficient for both a night out in town or to ease the chill while bringing the cows up for milking.


If you crave the commitment to craft that urges us to mend rather than discard you have found your way to a community of crafters dedicated not only to the remembrance of those days but to the belief that it is possible today.


So, here are our River Cottage Farm offerings for all of your fiber addictions.  For the absolute purist in the group we have fleece, straight off our coated sheep, unwashed, in all it’s glory.  For spinners we have roving and batts, both natural colors and dyed with flowers, herbs, and indigo.  If you’d just like to get down to the handicrafts of knitting or crocheting something beautiful we have yarns in all colors, both natural and hand dyed.




Here at River Cottage Farm, we get it!  We’re all addicted!