River Cottage Farm sheep are raised on pasture without grain. Our sheep produce the most luxuriously soft and lustrous wool!

Our Beloved Romney Ram – Claude

Claude was born on our farm and we have used him to bring the fleeces up to our strict standards of luster and softness.  Claude’s fleece has won the ribbons at the TN State Fair the two years it was entered.  

He is gentle and stunning.  He has never once threatened to ram us is absolutely safe around everyone. 

Claude is a pure bred twin (we still have his beautiful sister) and we are only selling him because all his daughters are on the farm and we need some new blood in the flock.  



Charlotte – SOLD

Charlotte is a four year old Romney (Daughter of Claude).  Her fleece is thick, soft, and very white.  She has had easy births and no lamb was every pulled.  As you can see from her body condition, she’s an easy keep and in excellent flesh.

Only two of the lambs were her babies – twin girls.  $400.00

Son Of Chiefton – SOLD

Son of Chiefton (aka Stan) is a purebred North Country Cheviot.  We brought Stan into the flock to give us the hardiness of this ancient breed.  He provided us with amazing genetics that were parasite resistant, which we have needed in this cool and wet weather.  

Stan is 4 years old and you can tell from all the straight-up pointed ears in the flock that he’s prolific! $550.00