Learn how to run a small, 100% Grass Fed micro dairy on your farm.  Many people still tell us that you can’t produce milk without feeding grain but we’ve done it successfully for the past 15 years.  You’ll learn how to chose a breed based on your own farm terrain, how and where to purchase your cattle and what characteristics you must absolutely look for in order to be successful from the gate. You will find out what the best milkers are where to purchase them at reasonable prices, how to set up a milking parlor with what you’ve already got available, how to set up a milking schedule and what you need in a breed of cattle if once a day milking is what you hope to set up.  We will show you what to look for in assessing cattle when you find something you hope to purchase and how to acclimate a new heifer or cow to being milked peacefully and safely.  Once you’ve got the milk out of the cow, now what?  We’ll make some basic cultured dairy products, teach you about separating cream, making yogurt, quark, feta, buttermilk, cream cheese, butter, kefir, and ricotta.


1 Day Classes includes lunch and dinner (no overnight stay)

1 Day Farm Stay Workshop includes lunch, dinner, overnight accommodations at the farm with evening question and answer time, and a morning milking and a farmhouse breakfast

2 Day Farm Stay Workshop includes everything from 1 Day Farm Stay Workshop, times two