OK, I know that I am on the verge of sounding like a creepy, bragging grandmother (creepy because we aren’t talking about children here – you know the type…) but our pigs just seem to have a knack for getting into the headlines of this blog.
Wednesday morning, just like any other day, Brayden went out to feed and water the pigs and came back with two things; a bundle in his shirt and a very strange look of love on his face.
“Did you collect eggs already”? I asked, a bit hopeful that the girls were back in the saddle laying a bit better.  “Nope!” was all he could muster through the goofy smile on his mug.  I’m sure you can tell from this picture that he is more than a bit smitten.

Now I admit that this pig things was sprung on me and catching me a bit off guard but I’ve been a trooper, actually falling in like with the wee things.  But come on, two pigs turned into four, four turned into thirteen and now four more!!  We are overrun with piggys.  I feel like I’m going back to farming school and learning more about pigs than I ever wanted to know.  I guess the first thing I need to figure out is – Is it something in the water???
               Well, here they are, four more wriggly things to be named.