We’ve all been there; traveling from one farm conference to the next, gathering ideas and leaving super excited about possibilities and just a tad overwhelmed thinking about the execution. Come and spend the week on our farm, working with us during the day, spending the evenings going over ideas and asking all those questions bouncing around inside you. How do you feed hay to sheep and cows in the same pasture? How do you wean ruminants off grain? How do you keep cows and sheep out of the chicken feed on a diversified farm? When are coats a profitable option for clean, top quality wool? What about watering pigs in the winter, or in the summer for that matter? Do I really need to set up the farm finances on QuickBooks? What are the sixteen financial ratios that I should know to check for profitability? How do I transition from city job to full-time farming? These are just a few of the questions you should have answered before jumping into farming. During your five days on the farm, you’ll learn about any of the following topics, tailored to your specific dream farm;

In the Pasture.

Pastured Poultry
Egg Production on Pasture
Grass-fed Beef
Buying Stock, (how to buy stock for a grass-fed farm)
Pastured Pork,
Raising Ducks

In the Kitchen.

Cheesemaking 101
Cooking basics

In the Office.

Setting up your farm business
Setting up a website
Analysing your finances from the start

In the Studio


5 Day Farm Stay Workshop
$900 Single
$1500 Couple