Our culture lends itself to busyness, and often even those of us who are drawn to local sustainable agriculture and natural, organic foods and products can find ourselves rushing through things and hurrying more than we’d like. In the midst of all the important and worthy pursuits that make demands on our time however, it’s important to make deliberate choices to slow down and choose simple living now and then.

Slowing down and taking time to savor daily tasks keeps us mindful of the joy of living, and provides a satisfaction that taking a shortcut can’t replace. We’d like to share our thoughts on ways you can simplify, slow down, and find more joy in daily things. Our goal is not to cause more stress or leave you strapped for time, but rather to encourage you to spend time with your family, learn a new skill with your children, or just take some well-earned rest.

We hope to make Simple Living an ongoing series of tips and suggestions on a variety of topics. If you have any thoughts or suggestions for future topics, be sure to let us know!