,This workshop will begin with learning to ask the right questions before you even set those four little hooves down on your farm.  We have a battery of questions that we are certain haven’t even entered your mind and the answers to those questions will show a clear course for your new sheep operation.  We will work through the different breeds and explain by some sheep will work better for your location than others.  We’ll relate a critical issue we were taught by a farmer high in the alps of Austria that helped us to gain insight into why certain farms have failed just based on the choices they made in breeding stock.

Next comes the fun stuff.  We’ll get to handling sheep and start to work through our flock for a great hands-on experience dealing with the sheep.  All aspects of health and welfare will be discussed and you’ll learn to worm sheep, trim hooves and other basic management.

After a wonderful lunch featuring lamb, of course, we’ll diverge a bit depending on your plans for your sheep flock.  Will you milk them? Will you want to harvest the wool? Will your production model be meat only? Debbie will go over what she learned in her week-long Sheep Leadership school regarding wool breeds vs meat breeds.  If meat is your main focus we will share our cutting instructions with you but if wool is your main focus then we will get into the intricacies of wool production and look at how to produce the best fleeces possible.  

1 Day Classes includes breakfast, lunch, or dinner (no overnight stay)

1 Day Farm Stay Workshop includes lunch, dinner, overnight accommodations at the farm with evening question and answer time, and a morning milking and a farmhouse breakfast