Mary Francis Kennedy Fisher is to cooking what Elizabeth Zimmerman is to knitting, and Gene Logsdon is to farming.  Another brilliant, contrary writer!
With Bold Knife and Fork is an interesting read.  Her entire introduction reads thus; This book is about how I like to cook, most of the time, for people in my world, and it gives some of the reasons.  These have made life enjoyable, so they may be of interest to other human beings. 


I’m not sure what it is that draws me to cantankerous writers, but I just can’t get enough of those who tell it like it is and don’t pull any punches. It’s refreshing to read someone like that, who isn’t afraid to speak their mind and tell the truth. Mary Francis Kennedy Fisher is one such writer, and her cooking style is a perfect reflection of that attitude. Her recipes are straightforward and no-nonsense, making them ideal for anyone who enjoys getting back to basics in the kitchen.

Scrambled Eggs – the M.F.K. Fisher way

“MY” scrambled eggs should take about a half hour to prepare, and they are worth waiting for, it is generally agreed.   I used to start with a cold skillet, but by now my way is to warm a heavy one, melt some sweet butter in it and add some cream, and break the eggs into this gentle puddle.  Then I mix them with a spoon, but never beat them, and let them warm with the pan, gradually pulling in the sides as they cook.  When they are lightly blended and set, they are done, in large soft curds.  Herbs or grated cheese can be put in with the eggs, halfway through the dreamy process.  The trouble with this recipe is that few people will take the trouble….and it will not succeed if the cook is either hurried or harried.
So slow down and stir the eggs!