Embarking on a life of farming is daunting at its best and downright frustrating at its worst.

Most farming stories begin with the exhilaration of following the heart, followed by the intimidation of mastering countless skills rapidly.  Learning how to farm can be an arduous, expensive, and frustrating journey that dooms many to early failure.

At River Cottage Farm, we started with nothing. Over years of hard work and hard lessons, we amassed expertise from agricultural textbooks, best-practices conferences, and, most of all, our fellow farmers. With their help, we built our successful farm.

Now, it’s our turn to share what we have learned with you. That’s why we are offering workshops at the farm where you can join us for a day or stay with us for up to a week. Through our workshop program, you will experience the workings of a farm, learn in a one-on-one setting, and practice the skills you will need to run your own establishment. With our subject-focused workshops, you can customize your learning to the topics that will be most useful to your future farm;

We have no hesitation in saying that you will save your tuition, many times over, in the first year of your venture. 


 Classes & Workshops

Starting a Farm



Grass Fed Dairy



Pasture Management 


Raising Wool



Spinning 101



Spinning Up



Weaving 101


Advanced Weaving



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How Classes and Wokshops Work

Our classes and workshops take place right on the farm, where they belong!  If you are learing about setting up and running a grass fed dairy, you’ll spend your time with the cows, in the milk parlor, and in the pasture.

Fiber Arts classes take place in the fiber room and out with the sheep, but it all depends on how in depth you want to go.

Materials & Tools Provided

All of the workshops are set up to provide everything you need to succeed in your new venture.  If you’re looking to brush up or advance, bring your own equipment and we will work alongside you to make sure everything is working properly.


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