Since the bible states unequivocally that Adam would toil to produce food by the sweat of his brow and that the ground would produce thorns and thistles instead of good food,  it makes sense that a woman would come up with a method of gardening that would keep down the weeds and bring the level of weeding to the bare minimum.  
For the past three years I have followed the gardening method made popular by the book “Lasagna Gardening” by Patricia Lanza and I haven’t deviated from her plan since.  I have planted, transplanted and sowed seed into beds made according to Lasagna Gardening with the greatest success.  This is the first year though that I have been able to start early in the fall to prepare the beds and actually “cook” my lasagna beds and I am looking forward to seeing how the beds progress through the winter.  
So far, at River Cottage Farm we have planted three year old asparagus transplants as well as new seedlings in our new lasagna beds and things are progressing nicely.  Our squash and cucumbers are stunning and our beans are recovering nicely from an onslaught of locust. 

Here Cole is planting a new crop of asparagus we grew from seed into a manure filled trench covered with a thick layer of soaked newspaper and cardboard.  A good thick 8 inch layer of straw will cover the cardboard being careful not to smoother the small transplants and a good watering will set the whole garden until spring.
Feel free to come by the farm and take a look at the garden in progress and look for gardening classes beginning next spring.