Georgia finally brought her baby boy into this world and oh, what a sweet boy he is. It is so wonderful to see how much the babies look like their moms and being witness to the wonders of nature never gets old for us. Georgia is a full blooded Dutch Belted cow but her belt just didn’t go much further than her belly and it looks like her baby boy will be the spitting image of her as he gets bigger.
I love this picture because it shows our Nosy Girls, Luna, Bella and Stella. Nothing notable can happen on the farm without them being in the know. Once they kid in the spring we will have goat shares available.
If you remember the trouble we had with Georgia last year you will remember that she is more than willing to share her milk with anything in the pasture that needs a good sip or two (or three…). She has already made the offer to Dara’s baby boy which he has gladly accepted. So… we have found the need to keep the babies together in a big playpen for the day so we can separate the babies with their own mommies to keep the bonding straight. Otherwise Georgia thinks every baby on the farm belongs to her, which causes problems with the other moms.
We are still waiting for one more calf this month and our calving will be over for our dairy cows until next fall. Beef cows will start to calve next month and lambs should start to hit the ground in six weeks.
More babies means more milk, which is flowing at an amazing rate. Both new mama’s are giving us three gallons each and with plenty left over for babies which means that we finally have room for more cowshare owners. So if you are on our waiting list for a share in our diary herd come on by the farm and check out the additions to the farm and you can leave with healthy, fresh milk from your own cows.