I figure that I spend about three quarters of my life out of fashion and that’s ok with me. I must admit though, that the three quarters spent “left behind” keeps me humble when I’m in or maybe even ahead of the curve. So, although I may still be wearing boot cut jeans and listening to Van Morrison and Pink Floyd, I find myself smack dab in the middle of the hot, new bone broth crazy. I have been making bone broth for almost 20 years and I can count on my own fingers and toes how many weeks have passed where I didn’t have some stocked in the freezer. As a serious foodie I feel the richest when I decide on a meal and standing  in front of the freezer ask myself “what stock would work best here; chicken, pork, lamb, veal or beef?”
Imagine my surprise then when I heard Tom Ashbrook announce “broth is all the rage!” His show “Get It While It’s Hot, A Show About Soup” was a very informative, in depth look at the broth, stock and soup from the vantage point of several different cultures , which is always taking things to the pinnacle for me.

For a very detailed recipe on making stock you can look back and an older post on https://rivercottagefarm.net/traditional-bone-broth/