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Well, it’s obvious that winter isn’t done with us yet. As I write this the snow is falling as soft as duck down and it looks like we have close to a foot accumulated already.  Poor St. Francis is in the garden bed as calmly and peacefully as ever being swallowed up by a white tidal wave of snow. The Great Pyrenees dogs are sleeping out on the snow and the more genteel barn cats are nestled in the soft fur of the dogs, gladly avoiding the ground with its cold dirt. We have the strangest but most entertaining animals on the planet!

The chickens are scratching away in the greenhouse, looking for any unlucky worms who thought they had found a good thing in the warmth of the plastic covered paradise. 

When I first left the warmth of the house to survey the situation the cows and sheep were hunkered down in the hay they’d thrown aside.  I sometimes wonder if they understand that if they throw hay on top of their manure it will heat up and keep them warm during the cold nights.  When I look out and see the steam rising around the sleeping cows it makes me wonder. 

 I think we have the perfect weather situation here in Southern KY, (Disclaimer!! I say that from a Canadian point of view.)   It gets hot enough in the summer to make you not completely despise the winter and cold enough in the winter to keep you from completely despising the summer.  AND every once in a while we get a great and awesome snow. 

Well, it’s back out into the snow.  All the spigots to the greenhouse are frozen so we’re carrying out water for the girls so they might just lay another dozen eggs.







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