A fleeting glimpse of Beauty

The other day while I was alone on the farm I found a little surprise up on the hill by Narnia; a sprite little bull calf from Sweetie Pie our Ayrshire cow. He is SO cute and has such a funny personality, even then at the ripe old age of 2 hours! So of course I had run to the house to get my camera and I shot so many pictures of the little guy you would have thought I had a Facebook page. Finally after what would have been several rolls of film in the olden days, I decided to raise my gaze more than 2 feet off the ground and was in complete awe at the stunning beauty in the sky above my head. The clouds were the softest shades of pink and orange and I was treated to an aerial show that kept me speechless for hours longer than the show lasted. After 15 minutes the sky was clear blue and every hint of pink was gone.

I returned to the house to a ringing phone. The voice on the other end explained that they had just purchased a marina and wondered if I would consider leaving the farm to help manage the place. For a second or two I tried to articulate in my mind the past half hour in the pasture with life and motherhood and babies and clouds and the lesson I had just learned about stopping and looking up and how beauty rarely lasts forever and the importance of making ourselves available to it when it makes its appearance in our lives. All that came out was, “No, couldn’t ever leave this, but thanks.”

640x 400 sweetie pie and bull calf Ovtober 15 2015

This afternoon reminded me to mention that you are always welcome to come out to farm and just stop for a bit. Collect eggs or just scatter some sunflower seeds to the chickens for being so good and laying such beautiful eggs for us. Because of your continued support of our farming efforts the beauty of this farm belongs to you as much as it belongs to us, please feel free to come by anytime.